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Arrest warrant out for Dutch-Thai actress who has fled to Dubai

A WARRANT has been issued for the arrest of a former actress of Dutch-Thai parentage whose suspended sentence for drug use by the Court of First Instance was overturned on appeal to 33 years 4 months with a fine 666,666 baht today but records show she left Thailand for Dubai last year, Sanook.com and Naewna newspaper reported.

Amelia “Amy” Jacobs or Amy Thidawanon, a former actress and winner of Miss Teen Thailand 2006, was arrested together with her boyfriend Punyawat Hirantecha on charges of collusion in having crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy pills in their possession for use and sale in September 2017.

Police had found 70 grammes of crystal meth, 16 ecstasy pills, a scale and drug use paraphernalia at their house off Sukhaphiban 5 Road.  The raid had been mounted after the arrest of a man named Nat with crystal meth in his possession who when questioned by police said he bought the drug from Punyawat.

Punyawat had been sentenced to to 25 years, four months and 15 days in prison. Amy had been sentenced to 3 months in jail, suspended for two years, and fined 5,000 baht for using illicit drugs in August 2018.

However Mr. Atchariya Ruangratanaphong, chairman of the Help Crime Victims Club, posted on the club’s fan page that Amy left for Dubai on August 22 last year and so far has not returned to Thailand.

Those who say she has returned to Thailand are lying, he added.

Police records show that Amy left Thailand on an Emirates Airline flight on August 22, 2019 by being able to go through the auto channel because there was no warrant for her arrest at that time.

As Amy did not appear for the hearing today, the judge issued an arrest warrant and sentenced her to life imprisonment and 1 million baht fine. However this was reduced to 33 years 4 months and the fine adjusted to 666,666 baht because of her useful testimony.


Top: Amy when she was arrested, left, and during her acting days, right. Photo: Naewna


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