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Whirlwind rips through Samut Prakan destroying houses



THERE was panic at Phra Pradaeng district of Samut Prakan province 4.45 p.m. this afternoon (Oct. 4) when a strong whirlwind rolled through the area destroying many houses and blowing various objects up into the air, Thai Rath and Naewna newspapers said this evening.

Facebook member Drama-addict shared a video clip (posted below) he captured showing the whirlwind’s destructive sweep through his housing estate in Suksawat Soi 76, Lat Luang, Phra Pradaeng district, and causing a lot of destruction while urging everyone to be careful.

A little later he posted another video clip taken by a neighbour, Mr. Tanakom Phuvoraprasert, showing the whirlwind destroying a construction area near their housing estate before powerfully moving into their compound.

The latter video clip shows that turbulent whirlwind spinning sand and dust high into the air while also taking some driftwood along with it.

Meanwhile JS100 radio also posted video clips of the whirlwind on its website while also mentioning that it had ripped through Q District housing estate in Suksawat-Rama 3 ring road area and destroyed many houses.


Top: Whirlwind rolling through the Samut Prakan housing estate. The Thai headline says, “Whirlwind! Blows into housing estates and roofs fly chaotically.” Photo: Naewna

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