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Student slightly hurt after driver using mobile phone hits pole

A QUICK-WITTED teenage boy selling galards at an intersection for extra income escaped a horrible a crash after noticing that the driver of a car pulling out of an intersection in Khon Kaen city was using his mobile phone and stepped aside before the vehicle hit the light pole, Sanook.com said this afternoon (April 12).

Nonmanat, 16, a student who earns extra income by regularly selling garlands at the Central Khon Kaen intersection, said he was standing at the traffic island and in noticing that the driver of this car was not looking where he was going, while busy using his mobile phone, had quickly stepped aside and only got slightly injured in his leg when the car slammed into the light pole.

Reporters at the scene said the light pole was dented and there were small car parts piled up around it.

Nonmanat said he got badly shaken up by what happened and is scared so will be even more careful in future.


Nonmanat standing at the intersection in Khon Kaen where the accident took place. Thai headline says, “near miss.” Photos: Sanook.com

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