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Rider saves boy who got electric shock from streetlight


A RIDER bravely saved the life of a seventh grade student who got an electric shock from a live streetlight and collapsed in floodwater amid heavy rain in Udon Thani last evening (Sept. 16) and himself got a shock too, Matichon newspaper said today.

Mr. Atthachai Artudom, or Bass, 19, a vocational student who also works as a delivery rider, said last evening while on his way to deliver a parcel amid heavy rain and floods he parked his motorcycle opposite the rear gate of Satri Rachinuthit School, Srichomchuen road, because he was afraid of his bike would break down.

He first saw a girl getting an electric shock from the live streetlight and floating out, he wanted to help her but someone else got to her first.

He stayed put at that spot fearing it might occur again. Just then he saw Chayut Loeichaiyaphum, or Nong Soda, 12, a seventh grade student, get hit by an electric shock from the same streetlight and collapse in the floodwater.

A man driving pass shouted for someone to help the boy and he dashed across and tried to save him without touching him with an umbrella a woman had given him, but as it was broken, he pulled him up with his hands and likewise got an electric shock.

“An ambulance soon brought us to the hospital. I was exhausted and tried to not sleep, thank you all for your encouragement, I am fine now.

“I want to remind you all that when it rains don’t go anywhere near streetlights as a stray voltage could hit you,” he said.

Nong Soda said his mother usually comes to pick him up after school but last evening it was not possible for her to reach the area behind the provincial prison where he usually waits for her. He then started walking while talking to her over the phone but when he got near this streetlight he was knocked out and only regained consciousness in the hospital.

Early this morning provincial governor Mr. Siam Sirimongkol visited altogether four students knocked out by the live streetlight.


Bass saved the life of a seventh grader and in doing so himself suffered an electric shock. Photos: Matichon

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