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Storm of criticism over handrail charged by power leak

AFTER photos of a Bangkok pedestrian overpass having papers signs pasted on its handrail warning passers-by they risked getting an electric shock, netizens jumped in and heavily criticised this insufficient warning and tardiness in fixing the problem, TV Channel 7 said today (April 1).

Branded the most dangerous overpass in the metropolis, it is located in front of Soi Borommaratchachonnani 68 in Thawi Watthana district. 

JS100 Radio, which received complaints about there only being paper signs warning of electricity having leaked and now running through the handrail, coordinated with relevant officials to inspect and quickly make repairs.

Later Thawi Wattana district officials explained that they contacted Thonburi district Highways Office and the Highways Department to take urgent action.

The Metropolitan Electricity Authority officials had already inspected this pedestrian bridge but found that there is no leakage from the electricity grid in the area.

The officials assumed that low voltage power in a communication system had leaked and had notified the repair unit to investigate and quickly repair it.


Top and Home Page: The pedestrian bridge handrail with electricity running through it. Thai headline says, “only pasted these warning signs?” Photo: TV Channel 7

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