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Two teenagers die at Pattaya’s ‘Death U-turn’

DUBBED the Death U-turn by the people of Pattaya because of frequent crashes and fatalities, this particular spot in front of Macro South Pattaya lived up to its name again last night (May 29) as two motorcycle-riding teenagers got killed there after they lost balance and were immediately hit by a sedan driven by a young woman, Sanook.com reported.

Pol Lt Naret Phumsawai, deputy inspector for investigation at Pattaya police station, was alerted of this  accident at 10.45 p.m. last night and rushed there with Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation rescuers.

At the scene was a black Honda Civic with the front smashed and about 50 metres away was a wrecked navy blue Honda Wave 110 motorcycle. Two 14-year-old teenagers, a boy and a girl, lay on the road in pools of blood and rescuers tried their best to revive them but sadly failed.

The two teens’ friends said they had gone to the petrol pump to fill gasoline and were returning home but lost their balance at this U-turn and fell. Just then the sedan hit them hurling both the youngsters in different directions, badly injuring them with this leading to both dying.

The driver of the sedan is a 23-year-old woman who told police in tears that she too was returning home and when she reached the U-turn, she saw the two teens falling off their motorbike but did not brake quickly enough thus hitting them.

Police are now checking this area in detail and also going through CCTV video clips to determine exactly what happened. The disconsolate young woman driver is under their care.

Police had already shut one side of this U-turn for returning to Bangkok but had left the other side for traveling to Sattahip open.


The so-called Death U-turn that has claimed several lives. Thai headline says, “Death U-turn.” Photo: Sanook.com

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