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Customs Department denies any link to bribe case

THE Customs Department denied any link to a hot issue where its name was wrongfully used to get a large sum of money to pay under the table and clear a consignment of temperature scanners, PostToday reported this afternoon (May 30, 2020).

This followed a complaint filed at Pak Klong San police station against a well-known high society (hi so) woman who had allegedly colluded with two accomplices to hoodwink a Chinese businesswoman to pay them 500,000 baht that was to be passed on to the department’s director-general through their top-level connections within this government unit.

The Chinese businesswoman did not know the customs procedures and that is why accepted the help of these swindlers to get the temperature scanners she had brought to the country cleared

The Customs Department explained that it is not linked to this case in any way nor has it ever take money from anyone to facilitate customs clearance.

The director-general has order the legal section to consider taking legal action against those involved in this case as they had harmed this department.

Those who have any questions or want to make inquiries about import and export procedures may call the department’s hotline 1164. They also have the option of contacting the Customs Care Centre at 02-667-6000 or 02-667-7000 extensions 205844-8 or visit its website: ccc.customs.go.th.


Top:  A man scans one of the Customs Department’s QR Codes shown on a large poster to reach its chatbot. Photo: PostToday


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