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Srettha to be taken to task over alleged tax-evading real estate


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PHEU THAI PRIME-MINISTERIAL CANDIDATE Srettha Thavisin will likely be taken to task over tax evasion allegations pertaining to his real estate dealings very shortly, according to political activist Chuwit Kamolvisit.

Known as personally associated with deposed prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, the real estate tycoon-turned-prime-ministerial candidate has allegedly conspired with a few Indian and Chinese nationals to evade taxes for property dealings in Bangkok and elsewhere, Chuwit charged.

In the upcoming Friday’s joint House/Senate meeting, Srettha will likely be questioned by some lawmakers over under-the-table shenanigans and legal loopholes through which he had allegedly evaded taxes for his property businesses.

It remains to be seen how many of the unelected senators will lend solid support for Srettha to take the helm of government, should an “uncle’s camp” be kept out of a brand-new coalition with the Pheu Thai under de facto party boss/deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra performing as its core and without the Move Forward.

Given the fact that all 249 senators had been handpicked by Palang Pracharath leader Prawit “Uncle Pom” Wongsuwan and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart under de facto party boss/caretaker prime minister Prayut “Uncle Tu” Chan-o-cha, the Pheu Thai contender for head of government would probably fail to get adequate yea votes unless either “Uncle Pom’s” or “Uncle Tu’s” camp or both may be virtually at the last minute brought into the brand-new Pheu Thai-led coalition.

In the meantime, the 149 Move Forward MPs will likely abstain from voting for the real estate tycoon-turned-prime-ministerial candidate since the Pheu Thai would rather prefer yea votes from the senators instead.

Given a combined force of 270-plus MPs on his side, Srettha is speculated to need some 100-plus more votes from among the senators to help land him the elected premiership.

He will need a minimum of 375 yea votes, accounting for more than half the combined total of MPs and senators.


Pheu Thai prime minister candidate Srettha Thavisin. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

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