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Protesters furious at court decision on Pita lawsuit


ANGRY protesters flocked to a Parliament building gate after the Constitution Court voted to accept the Election Commission’s MP-disqualifying lawsuit against Move Forward leader/prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat on a charge of holding a tiny fragment of 0.0035% shares of non-operating ITV channel, Naewna newspaper said today (July 19).

This took place just as a House/senate meeting was debating Pita’s nomination as prime minister for the second time after a Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party MP objected that doing so is violation of a House regulation that states a motion dropped cannot be resubmitted in the same parliamentary session except for vote not having taken place but in Pita’s case there was voting at the first session on July 13.

However Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome pointed out voting for a prime minister has to be in accordance with the Constitution.

The large crowd of protesters clung to the gate and shook it while shouting their dissatisfaction at the court’s decision.

Police warned the protester over loudspeakers that they are not allowed to assemble within 50-metre radius of the Parliament with water cannon trucks brought in to control the situation.

After crowd control police wearing helmets and holding shields came out in full force to block the protesters from entering the Parliament compound they calmed down.

However some of them continued shouting and cursing at the police teams.

Amid ongoing debate within the Parliament Pita walked out of the meeting chamber and waved goodbye to the MPs upon hearing of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

However he returned to seat after Mr. Wiroj Lakkhanaadisorn, a Move Forward Party MP, pointed out to the meeting that an official court letter has to be received before this is effective.


The protesters outside a Parliament building gate today, July 19, 2023. Photos: Naewna

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