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Tight security as court hears case against Pita


METROPOLITAN Police have mounted heavy security at the Constitutional Court which will be holding a hearing tomorrow morning (July 19) on whether to accept the Election Commission’s MP-disqualifying lawsuit against Move Forward leader/prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat on a charge of holding a tiny fragment of 0.0035% shares of non-operating ITV channel, Naewna newspaper said this evening.

Police have placed metal barricades 50 metres from the entrance to this court while water cannon and water tanker trucks as well as two large paddy wagons have been brought in to control the situation.

Meanwhile the Constitutional Court issued an announcement that the security team had warned that there could be unrest and disorder tomorrow when they will be hearing this case from 9.30 a.m. onwards. To maintain security only those who work there or allowed to contact the court may enter the premises from 6 p.m. today till midnight tomorrow (July19).

It is noteworthy that the commissioners had not given Pita a chance to defend himself by testifying before a fact-finding committee of the polling agency which had finally filed the case against him to the Constitutional Court.

The prime minister-designate has been accused by the polling agency of holding a tiny fragment of 42,000 shares accounting for 0.0035% of non-operating ITV channel whilst Pita has invariably dismissed the allegation saying he did by no means possess those inherited shares which he claimed to have merely held as manager.

The Constitutional Court hearing this case against Pita tomorrow coincides with a joint House/senate meeting taking place to decide whether to give Pita a second chance of being named and voted prime minister.


Metal barricades placed 50 metres away from the Constitutional Court as police beef up security for tomorrow morning’s hearing. Photo: Naewna

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