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Chulalongkorn stops students from holding rally this evening

THE administrators of Chulalongkorn University at the last moment forbade students from holding a rally at the campus this evening (August 14) citing safety concerns and better preparation for the postponement, Naewna newspaper said.

While pointing out that the university’s policy is supportive of peaceful demonstration without the use of weapons or illegal activity as this is the basic right of the people under the Thai Constitution, the administrators listed five conditions for holding such a rally at another time with these being as follows:

– The activity be organized by Chulalongkorn University students in an academic style;

– The activity does not refer to the monarchy;

– No risk of anything illegal while the activity is being held;

– The activity does not violate the rights and freedoms or beliefs of the others;

– The activity should not be risky leading to conflicts or causing trouble for others particularly social violence.

The Student Affairs Office pointed out that request for permission to hold the rally was submitted at short notice which prevented it from coordinating with internal and external agencies involved.

The office called the student applicants to meet them to discuss the details of their activity and setting a schedule for it in future.


Top: Chulalongkorn University. Photo: Paul Trafford (CC BY 2.0)

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