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Govt pressures Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to delete material

MINISTER of Digital Economy and Society Mr. Putthipong Punnakan today (August 12) posted a message at his Facebook page that inappropriate content stemming from the August 10 rally had been shared online and if the three big platforms, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, do not delete them within 15 days of notification they will be immediately prosecuted, Post Today and INN News reported this morning.

The minister added that the inappropriate content had affected the feelings of the Thai people and he had ordered that evidence of breaking the law be gathered.

A total of 114 URLs had been found to have transgressed the law during August 10-11, 2020 (up to 4.53 p.m.), with some of them reported by members of the public and others tracked down by the ministry itself.

These are separated into Facebook – 75 URLs, Twitter – 28 URLs, and YouTube – 11 URLs.

Putthipong added that all the evidence will be collected and submitted to the court tomorrow (August 13). Once a court order is issued the ministry will contact all three platforms to delete the material within 15 days or immediately face prosecution. They also face a fine of not more than 200,000 baht each and not more than 5,000 baht per URL per day with this being according to section 27 of the Computer Crimes Act.

Putthipong thanked the people who sent evidence to the ministry and told those who had more to submit to send them to m.me/DESMonitor or to the page “volunteer to watch online” where there are staff to accept submissions all 24 hours.


Top: Putthipong, left, with headline at right saying “Ordered that evidence be immediately collected, posting inappropriate material, with the issue being the latest rally.” Photo: INN News

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