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Protesters perform ceremony to put senators in the pot

THE Free Youth group held a mobile protest on a pickup truck fitted with amplifiers at various military and police headquarters today (Sept. 23) starting with the army headquarters where they performed a ceremony to put senators in a ritual pot as they called on military commanders to come back and be military officers and not politicians in the Parliament, INN News reported.

The protesters pointed out that senators were appointed by National Council for Peace and Order with no direct links to the people.

The leaders of this protest started off by performed a ceremony in front of the army headquarters, chanting a spell and calling on spirits to bring the senators and put them all in the pot which they had covered with talisman-inscribed cloth.

The protesters said if Army Chief Gen. Apirat Kongsompong does not resign by tomorrow they are going to Parliament and will drag him by the neck and bring him back to the Defence Ministry.

Army security officers had shut the gates at their headquarters and placed metal barriers all around. Police from Nang Loeng, Phayathai and other stations in the vicinity were present to take care of law and order and facilitate traffic flow.

Nang Loeng police officers made an announcement through an amplifier and handed out handbills to the organizers of the demonstration to immediately stop their activities because they had not informed the authorities in advance as required by law.

The demonstrators then moved to the Defence Ministry, where they performed a similar ceremony, and were again warned by the police but they completely ignored the warning. After that they moved to the Royal Thai Navy,  Air Force and police headquarters. At every point there were security officers on hand to take care of the safety of the people.


The demonstrators performing their ritual in front of the Army headquarters this morning. Photos: INN News

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