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Govt MPs allegedly offered 5m baht bribe each to vote for Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A SUM OF FIVE MILLION BAHT in cash bribe was alleged today (Sep 2) to have been secretly offered to each government MP in exchange for their vote of confidence for an embattled Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

On a third day of censure debate against Prayut and five cabinet members, Pheu Thai MP Wisarn Techathirawat alleged that the five-million-baht kickback has been offered to each of the government MPs in some of the rooms within the premises of parliament including the one specifically arranged for the premier behind the meeting chamber. 

During the marathon censure debate scheduled to be followed by the vote of confidence on the upcoming weekend, a number of government MPs, mostly belonging to the ruling Palang Pracharath Party, were seen getting in and out of the premier’s room.

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As Prayut was desperately struggling to defend himself from accusations launched by opposition MPs, the cash bribe was being offered by unidentified persons to these government MPs to help him out with the post-censure confidence motion, according to the Pheu Thai MP.

Hours later, Prayut responded in the meeting chamber admitting that these legislators had dropped in his room at parliament to cheer him up but categorically dismissed the alleged hand out of money.

The alleged bribery was apparently connected with widespread hearsay that some of the government MPs might probably choose to abstain from voting in support of the premier unless the alleged kickback is forthcoming.


Top: Pheu Thai MP Wisarn exposing alleged bribery within the parliament. Photo: Siam Rath

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