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Thaksin urges people to tell own MPs to vote out Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER PREMIER THAKSIN Shinawatra has openly called on the Thai people to tell their own MPs to vote out Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha only if they no longer wish to see him remain in power.

Speaking via an online channel named Care Clubhouse yesterday (Aug. 31), Thaksin strongly urged constituents nationwide to tell the MPs whom they may have picked in a previous election to deny a vote of confidence for Prayut following an ongoing censure debate at parliament only if they can no longer tolerate his running the country in allegedly error-ridden fashion.

Thaksin advised the people to raise a joint demand for the MPs whom they may have elected to oust Prayut in the vote of confidence scheduled for the upcoming weekend in exchange for their votes to pick those lawmakers as winning candidates in the next election.

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Thaksin said those politicians could be eventually pressured by their own constituents into denying a helping hand for Prayut due to his alleged failure to cope with the sustained pandemic situation, among other unresolved issues.

”All MPs are afraid of being defeated in the election. They are just like fighting cocks that might sell for only 35 baht per kilogramme if they lost in a fight. But they might sell for as much as 300,000 baht to one million baht if they won,” said Thaksin, who remains in self-exile in Dubai.

The ex-premier commented that Prayut has repeatedly failed to perform in an effective, appropriate manner because such top position in government ultimately lies beyond his ability.

Prayut, who has so far run the country for seven years, would be obliged to either dissolve the House of Representatives and call a general election or resign if he was not given an adequate vote of confidence from the legislators of his coalition government.


Former  prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in a 2006 coup. Top photo: Dw.com , Home Page photo: AFP/Isaac Lawrence and published by Channel NewsAsia 

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