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Chadchart: Soldiers ready to help with Bangkok floods

BANGKOK GOVERNOR Chadchart Sittipunt said this evening (Aug. 2) that the problem of flooding in Bangkok now centres on canals and communities with soldiers ready to help out and to ensure good coordination two officers are now seated at the city command centre, Matichon newspaper said.

“We have to rush to drain out floodwater from subzones. District chiefs have been ordered to inform the centre which areas are still flooded because we really don’t have the information.

“We can’t wait for the people to tell us, the district authorities must solve the basic problem first, such as organising shuttle buses for people who can’t get out of the alley, at least they must be able to reach the main road,” he said.

The military is waiting to help out and work must be found for the soldiers, he said, urging those in need of help to inform the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA).

Currently the flooding problem is at road capillaries. People in many housing estates have complained of being inundated and information has to be gathered to help them with mobile pumps available to assist in the drainage, Chadchart said.

He also personally saw a major problem and that is when there is heavy flooding garbage washes down and clogs the pipes causing the pumps to stop working.

Residents were urged to not let their household garbage float away with the floodwater and if garbage trucks have not arrived yet to keep it at a high place.

“I am still worried because it will be raining till the 5th, so we must not be careless. BMA is working full time.

“There is also a high tide in the middle of this month. And for example when the seawater flows into Phra Khanong canal causing it to rise high we have to shut the floodgate and only rely on pumps, and it all depends on how much water each pump can drain out. When the tide drops then the floodgate can be opened and the water allowed to flow out. The tide may drop at night and this is being closely monitored,” he said.


Bangkok Governor discussing the capital’s flood problem today, August 2, 2022. Photos: Matichon

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