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Chadchart tells all districts to arrange a walking street to help resolve financial woes


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has ordered all districts to look into helping people hard hit with financial problems by arranging activities particularly a walking street where they could get free space to sell goods or if it is necessary to charge rent then it should be very low, Amarin TV said today (June 20).

This was confirmed after the Anti-Fake News Centre contacted the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) about news spreading on social media that this step is being taken.

At the first meeting with BMA department heads where Chadchat outlined his 216 action plan for the metropolis he mentioned that the struggle to survive is a major issue and the city administration could help by arranging free or low-rent walking streets where people could sell their goods.

An example is residents of Nong Chok and Minburi districts who are mostly farmers who would then get an opportunity to sell their agricultural goods directly to the people at a low price.

BMA is also moving to arrange places for stalls to be set up without affecting pedestrians with there currently being 30 spots considered. Should they meet the criteria of not squeezing pedestrians and could be controlled then they would be approved.

Each district was also ordered to hold talks with the private sector in cooperating in letting vendors who were evicted to again return and trade on their premises.


Top: Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt. Photo: Voice TV

Front Page: A food stall at Yaowarat road running through Bangkok’s Chinatown. Photo: Naewna

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