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Light beams used to protest against emergency extension

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LIGHT BEAMS were shot in the night sky in a northern province of Thailand last night by a young man with intent to demonstrate his quiet protest against the one-month extension to emergency rule.

Anusit Klangmoo, owner of a light-and-sound displaying firm based in his home district of Phu Sang of the northern province of Phayao, used eight light projectors to shoot light beams in the sky from an open ground, drawing the attention of local villagers, passers-by and authorities.

The light-and-sound man told a few visiting policemen he was only staging his protest for an hour between 07.00 p.m. and 08.00 p.m. last night and would repeat it tonight.

Anusit complained the government-endorsed extension to emergency rule and five-hour curfew would further affect his nighttime business which has already turned from profit to loss running light-and-sound shows in the provinces.

He said he has kept in touch via his Facebook page with those who do the same business as his throughout the country hoping they would follow suit tonight.

No bars, karaoke lounges or nighttime entertainment venues, either indoors or outdoors, where people might get together for drinks in an ambiance of glaring lights and raucous sounds are currently allowed to open under emergency rule, primarily designed to keep social distancing order.


Top:Beautiful beamed laser lights. Photo: Kevin Doncaster (CC BY 2.0)


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