Social media debate over women selling donated food

GOING viral on Thai social media and triggering a lively debate today (24.5.2020) is a photo of an elderly woman who was spotted selling donated food she had taken from pantries of sharing at a market in Pathum Thani, reported.

Facebook user Pinky Milky shared the photo of this elderly sitting on the footpath at the market which she took while passing through.

A closer look at the groceries she was selling, mainly instant noodles, boxes of milk and a quantity of rice, showed that a message had been scribbled on the packaging and that was, “take the right amount.”

This made her certain that all the goods were from pantries of sharing

The Facebook user asked whether doing this goes against the intention of the giver because in bringing the groceries for sale she would be depriving others of a chance to get a donated food, something they need to help them tide over difficulties during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

She added that even though it can be said that the seller is in trouble and needs money, but she should not use this method to get the required cash.

This photo was forwarded and shared many times among Thai online communities today and there is an ongoing engrossing debate with some supporting the woman but others criticizing her.


Top: The elderly woman selling donated groceries on the footpath of a market. Thai headline says, “Selling food from pantries of sharing?”Photo:


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