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Loud complaints about Bangkok floods with garbage being blamed

THERE were complaints across Bangkok about flooding that started last evening and lingered till today (May 18) with the Bureau of Drainage explaining that this was due to garbage being stuck on drain grates, Sanook.com said this evening (May 18).

Heavy rain lashed many areas of Bangkok for hours with some neighbourhoods hit with continuous downpour overnight leading to several roads and alleys being flooded and triggering furious criticism from residents.

This topic, run under the hashtag #flooding on Twitter, soared to Thailand’s top trend today with netizens relating their experiences as well as reporting the situation in various areas. Some mentioned that the floodwater had reached half the height of a sedan while others said the traffic was so badly jammed they could not get to work.

A few netizens noted that the torrential rain could be a reminder to Bangkok residents to think carefully when voting for a governor in the election taking place on Sunday, May 22, as there are many serious problems, particularly flooding, to be resolved.

Meanwhile Mr. Somsak Meeudomsak, director of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Bureau of Drainage, said high tide that raised the water level in Chao Phraya river and canals impeded the drainage of floodwater as did garbage blocking drain grates.

Garbage also got stuck in some pumps preventing them from working with a few even burnt down despite trash and weeds having been removed earlier.

Some areas got over 100 millimetres of rain  in continuous showers from 3 p.m. yesterday till 1 a.m. today with there being 16 flood points. The heaviest falls were in Chatuchak, 130mm, followed by Bang Sue, 100-110 mm, and Ratchadapisek road in front of the Criminal Court, 122mm.

However the floodwater has now receded from the main roads while still remaining in the alleys.

At the same time the Thai Meteorological Department warned there will be scattered to fairly widespread rainstorms with isolated heavy showers during May 18-20. 

Should it rain like last night again there will be more flooding with risk points being Chaeng Wattana and Ratchadaphisek roads, the latter in front of the Criminal Court.

BMA officials said despite there being a 100 pumping stations to expedite drainage into canals then down Chao Phraya river it appears this is not enough and more will be installed in flood-prone areas.


Flooding in Bangkok both last night and today. All photos published by Sanook.com, photos above, first two below and Home Page taken by  Jack Taylor / AFP

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