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Powered paraglider pilots deliver food to flood victims stranded on an island



RESIDENTS of two villages in Sukhothai province, who after being stranded on a flood-created island for days had nothing left to eat, were very happy today (Sept. 29) when a team of powered paraglider pilots successfully dropped off some food, Sanook.com said.

One of the hungry families said after they ran out of food a neighbour gave them a bunch of bananas and they ate one each per meal for five days until the fruit too finished.

One member of this family then contacted some reporters to help them, saying the floodwater on the ground floor of their house is now higher than his head and they cannot go out to get food. 

The reporters in turn contacted Mr. Kajorn Suksamphan, a member of Sukhothai Sky Burapha Paragliders and Northern Disaster Warning Association for help.

Today a team of powered paraglider pilots dropped off 50  boxes of food cooked by Friends in Need Volunteer Foundation, the Thai Red Cross Society, to the stranded flood victims.

The team saw that the two villages in Ban Kluay sub-district, Mueang Sukhothai district, with over 70 homes had now turned into a small island with two-metre high floodwater flowing around them. The only way to travel is by boat but there is a limited number of them available and all at the end of the village near Mae Rampan canal and difficult for some of the residents to reach.


Powered paraglider pilots dropping off food to the flood victims. Photos: Sanook.com

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