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Huai Khwang police deny extorting money from Taiwanese actress


AFTER A TAIWANESE actress accused Huai Khwang police of taking a 27,000 baht payoff from her during New Year holiday visit to Bangkok, the seven policemen at a checkpoint where she and her friends were stopped denied the extortion allegations, Thai Rath and Matichon newspapers said this evening (Jan. 26).

Thai Facebook page Ni Hao Taiwan! I Have Arrived (Hello Taiwan! I Have Arrived) translated the Instagram posts of actress An Yu-Qing, whose English name is Charlene An, accusing Huai Kwang police of having shaken her down for 27,000 baht the night of Jan. 4, a day before her departure.

She alleged that while going back to her hotel in a taxi with some friends at around 1 a.m., police at a checkpoint stopped them and searched her bag. They asked to see her passport and then, according to her, they said her Visa on Arrival is not acceptable, only a proper stamped visa.

Her friends videotaped the conversation but were forced to delete the clips, she said.

She added that she was very scared and both negotiated and begged to be released and finally after two hours the policemen took her to a secluded place and told her all passengers in the cab had to pay 27,000 baht to be freed and she agreed to do so,

After that the policemen hailed a new cab for her and her friends to return to the hotel but behind her were still five Korean women, she said, adding she is uncertain about Thai police targeting Asian women tourists.

However Pol. Maj. Gen. Samroeng Suanthong, deputy national police chief, said the seven policemen at Huai Kwang police station have all confirmed they did not demand any money from the drunk Taiwanese actress.

At the same time they admitted there were arguments as they had asked to check her passport but she did not have it with her. A friend of hers then brought it to them from her accommodation.

They added that there were communication problems and as it got close to the time to lift the checkpoint they then let her go.

Maj. Gen. Samroeng added that the Taiwanese actress had E-cigarettes with her but the seven policemen admitted they did not arrest or fine her on this charge; she was only warned her that they are illegal under Thai law.


Top: Charlene An, right, and a Thai policeman, left. Photo: Thai Rath

Insert and Front Page: Popular Taiwanese actress Charlene An. Credit: Matichon

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