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Ayutthaya flood victims block highway to get help

SCORES of Ayutthaya residents who have been flooded for a month today (Nov. 4) blocked Highway 340 that runs from Bangkok to Suphan Buri province to pressure the authorities to open a floodgate and drain the water into the Japanese canal, Amarin TV said.

The residents of Thep Mongkhon sub-district, Bang Sai district, said their homes have been flooded very high for a month now and the floodwater has started to smell bad. This has led to a struggle entering and leaving their residences.

The flood victims blocked the side of the highway that leads to Nonthaburi province causing a tailback that stretched for kilometres. Local and highway police then opened one of the two lanes on the opposite side to release the huge traffic jam.

The protesters said the floodwater is rising everyday with no sign of a decrease and they are severely affected having to live in their flooded homes without any help from any government agency. Their farmland too has been damaged.

The blockade led to arguments between the protesters and motorists with one motorist saying he had to rush his mother who suffered broken bones to the hospital and could not do so. The protesters went to his car to check whether this was true and after a long discussion let him pass.


Top and Home Page: Highway 340 blocked by Ayutthaya’s flood victims this morning and the argument between a motorist rushing his mother to the hospital and the protesters. Photos: Amarin TV

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