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Policeman’s wife kills daughter, herself over money problems


THE FINANCIALLY-STRESSED wife of a policeman in Rayong shot dead her teenage daughter before jumping down from the fourth floor of police flats to her own death this morning (Nov. 4) with her shocked husband prevented just in time from taking his own life, Thai Rath newspaper said.

At 8 a.m. this morning Pol. Capt.Nattakrit Konglod, duty officer at Klaeng station in Rayong, was alerted of a policeman’s wife having committed suicide by jumping down the police flats next door.

At the stairs he found the body of Mrs. Phiphaporn Namprapha, 42, wife of Pol. Capt. Pradit Namprapha, who was working as a salesperson at the showroom of a well-known auto company in the same district.

In their flat he found the body of their 14-year-old daughter who had been shot in her temple with a 9mm pistol lying nearby. On a table were some 20 and 100 baht notes placed next to a note that said, “This is all that I have for you.”  

Preliminary investigation revealed that Pol. Capt. Pradit had returned to the flat at 3.30 a.m. after his shift ended and upon seeing his wife and daughter asleep together, he changed his clothes and left his pistol in the bedroom and went to sleep in the next room.

However in the morning he heard a loud sound and upon coming out was shocked to see his wife dead at the stairs. When he saw that his daughter too had been shot dead he picked up the pistol to kill himself but was stopped from doing so by other policemen.

His colleagues said they too were shocked by what happened because the deceased woman and her daughter had been with Pol. Capt. Pradit for over ten years and there were never any violent quarrels.

The deceased woman’s colleagues pointed to money worries as the likely cause of their death as she had sometimes hinted at debts she had to clear.

One colleague said another colleague had deposited 70,000 baht with her to buy a car without specifying when he would actually do so. However she had promised to return the money to him today Nov. 4 but probably did not have enough to do so.

That she killed her daughter is because she firmly believed that no matter where the mother is, the daughter has to be with her, this colleague explained.


Top: Police look down from the fourth floor where the deceased woman jumped to her death. 

Home Page: The pixelated body of the dead woman being taken to the hospital for autopsy. Photos: Thai Rath

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