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Heavy rush-hour rain triggers traffic snarl-ups in Bangkok

TRAFFIC came to a standstill in parts of Bangkok and its surrounding provinces this evening (May 17) after heavy rain lashed this zone during the rush hour leading to flooding in many areas, Thai Rath newspaper said.

The situation is particularly bad today because it is the first day of the new school year with the showers having started at 4.30 p.m. soon after schools closed at 3.30 p.m.

FM91 Trafficpro said that at 4.57 p.m. the tailback of cars trying to exit the expressway at Rama 2 road stretched all the way to Central Rama 3 because aside from the rain there is also construction work taking place on this road.

At 5.02 p.m. it was reported at outbound Rama 9 road where the bridge crosses over Ramkhamhaeng intersection heavy rain had led to 70-centimetre-high floods.

The Thai Meteorological Department issued a warning that  a high-pressure system now hanging over the Northest is moving to the upper part of the country tomorrow (May 18) while southwesterly monsoons prevail across Thailand, the Gulf and Andaman Sea. 

This will lead to more rain and strong winds in the North, Central region including Bangkok and its vicinity and the East. People are urged to beware of severe conditions that may lead to flash floods and overflows and stay indoors, avoid sheltering under big trees and steer clear of unsecured billboards.


Top: A netizen with the username RT@newozone posted  this photo at the JS100 Radio website showing the huge traffic jam at Rama 4-Lumpini area at 6 p.m. today.

Below: Another netizen whose username is RT@ijetiya said at 4.28 p.m.it had started raining at Ratchadapisek road where the tunnel goes under Ratchayothin intersection but up to that point vehicles were still able to move along.

Home Page: A third netizen with the username RT@chaoplaboow posted a message at 4.36 p.m. that New Phetchaburi road was flooded.

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