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Chadchart denies cabbie turned him away

INCOMING Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittiphan today (May 24) clarified that a video clip going viral on Thai social media showing him getting into a taxi and a moment later getting out was not due the driver having refused him a ride as has been misconstrued, Sanook.com said today (May 24).

Cyber critics angrily pointed out that even Chadchart, who they called the “strongest governor” on earth, was rejected by a cabbie.

However the new governor posted a statement explaining that it was not true that the cabbie had refused him a ride but that he was waiting for a Grab ride-sharing customer. 

The cabbie misunderstood that he was the one who booked the ride and upon finding out it was someone else who had done so had to ask him to leave.

He added that the driver was very respectful.


Screengrab images from a video clip that wrongly appear to show Chadchart being refused a ride by a taxi driver. Credit: Sanook.com

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