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Temple altering two guardian giants amid a wave of criticism

UPON being hit by heavy criticism, a temple in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) province that only a few days ago unveiled statues of two sleeping guardian giants with one holding a submarine and the other wearing two watches with the tag “borrowed from a friend” is now altering them so that they are less controversial, Sanook.com said this evening (Apr. 25).

Critics have said that the two statues are strangely familiar and wonder if they are related to politics and some important people.

Phra Paladpaiwan Chittakutto, the abbot of Wat Muang, said after images of the two guardian giants at the entrance of newly-renovated ordination hall spread there has been criticism especially related to politics.

Many older monks suggested that alteration should be made to prevent this issue from escalating and for the peace of mind of all parties.

They mentioned that the two watches one of the giants is wearing can be changed to bracelets and the mobile phone he is holding in the other hand into a book of Buddhist scriptures while the tank next to him be removed entirely.

They also urged that the submarine the other giant is holding be changed into a mace and these alterations are currently being carried out.

Phra Paladpaiwan Chittakutto confirmed that the temple did not have any political intent with the objective being to find ways to communicate with the younger generation so that they get interested in coming to the temple to pray and practice dharma.


The two guardian giants that are being altered. Photos: Sanook.com

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