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Korat temple’s guardian giants hold submarine, wear friend’s watches


TWO INNOVATIVE sculptures of guardian giants now adorn the newly-renovated ordination hall of Wat Muang in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) province with these being unlike any other as not only are they sleeping at the doorway, one holds a submarine while the other wears two watches with a tag saying borrowed from a friend on one hand while holding a mobile phone in the other, Naewna newspaper said today (Apr. 20).

There are also statues of two superheroes, Iron Man and Spider Man, and one of a Korat cat, which was named after this province, guarding this ordination hall.

Mr. Punthanachai Muangprakai, 59, the temple’s sculptor who created the two sleeping guardian giants, said this was the concept of the abbot,  Phra Paladpaiwan Chittakutto.

Completed about two months ago, the idea was to create a riddle and teach dharma to the people who come there to worship.


The sleeping guardian giants and superheroes guarding Wat Muang’s newly-renovated ordination hall. Photos: Naewna

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