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Lone, maverick MP resigns in middle of House chamber

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

IN A SURPRISE PHENOMENON in the middle of the House of Representatives chamber, former deputy prime minister Mingkwan Saengsuwan today (Feb.17) resigned as MP in apparent protest of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s regime.

The maverick Mingkwan announced his resignation as MP of New Economics Party during today’s censure debate on the alleged incompetency and error-ridden performances of Prayut since he seized power upon the 2014 coup which he orchestrated as army chief and then named himself head of government.

The ex-lawmaker did not only decide to resign in protest of Prayut but his party which has evidently turned coats from the opposition bloc to the Palang Pracharath-led coalition government, leaving him as the black sheep among five other New Economics MPs.

Mingkwan aired his frustrations at the fellow partisan MPs who had lent solid support for the Prayut regime instead of joining ranks with the Pheu Thai-led opposition bloc.

The New Economics Party executive board had apparently chosen to not oust Mingkwan from partisan membership despite his refusal to comply with the resolutions of the party as a splinter coalition partner, thus leading to his decision to call it quits on his own.

Nevertheless, Mingkwan who was a party-listed MP and earlier performed as leader of the turncoat party confirmed he has intended to seek reelection under the tickets of some other camp in the next general election.

Opposition MPs took the floor to debate the alleged failures on the part of Prayut and his cabinet members to address the people’s economic woes since nearly eight years ago and vowed to intensify the further grilling on varied economic, social and political issues involving the besieged Prayut during a follow-on censure debate with a subsequent vote of confidence tentatively scheduled for May.

At one instant while responding to criticisms on the first day of the lengthy debate, Prayut likened himself to Rama and those opposition MPs who were critical of him to Ravana in Hindu epic Ramayana, saying the former will finally conquer and the latter will be doomed.

When asked by reporters after he left the House chamber for a while about his self-proclaimed dramatic recital, Prayut declined to elaborate, however.


Top and below: Mingkwan Saengsuwan resigning in apparent protest of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s regime. Photos: Naewna

Home Page: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha speaking during today’s censure debate. Photo: Matichon

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