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Drunk, jealous husband shoots wife dead on their bed


A DRUNK man stressed out by fears his wife could be having an affair shot her dead on their bed at their home in Chiang Mai province today (Feb. 17), TV Channel 7 said.

Police from Mae Chaem station rushed to a raised wooden house in Kong Khaek subdistrict where they found Mrs.Jaruwan, 34, dead on the bed for at least two hours after being shot in the chest with her husband Mr. Asa, 33, standing by holding a homemade musket.

He confessed to being stressed out and drinking alcohol everyday lately because his wife no longer cared for him despite their two children, one in kindergarten and the other in elementary school.

They had been arguing a lot lately with his wife only doing farm work and coming back and not bothering to talk to him.

He added that he killed her while drunk and depressed at the possibility of his wife cheating on him.

He then tied a rope to hang himself but was stop by his father from committing suicide.

After investigating the crime scene police took the dead woman’s body to the hospital for autopsy and arrested Asa. They tested him for drug use but he was clean and he was then charged with premeditated manslaughter. 


Asa is surrounded by police at his home where he killed his wife. The Thai headline says, “Worried about wife having a lover – grabbed a musket and shot her dead in the bedroom.”


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