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Myanmar troops fire at Thai cargo boat in Mae Hong Son


MYANMAR soldiers fired two shots at a Thai cargo boat as it was sailing back to Sop Moei district in Mae Hong Son province after delivering goods at Mae Sariang district, TV Channel 7 said this evening (Dec. 10).

Myanmar snipers’ bullets pierced the hull of the boat with the shooting occurring despite an agreement being reached between the two countries’ security forces in April that they would stop firing at Thai boats cruising along Salween river.

After today’s incident boat owners urged the 36th Ranger Forces Regiment to again hold talks with Myanmar troops to stop shooting at their vessels.

Provincial authorities have begun transporting sandbags to the villages along Salween river for residents to build bunkers to shelter in as it is expected that more fighting between the Myanmar military and ethnic minorities will break out in the dry seas.

Preparations are also being made to ensure humanitarian aid can reach these villagers quickly should it be necessary.

Mr. Sayan Phosuwan, head of Ban Tha Ta Fang School at Mae Khong sub-district in Mae Sariang district said a bunker is now being built within the compound to shelter students in case of emergency and drills will be held to train them to quickly escape from the fighting.


Top: Thai cargo boats moored on the Thai side of Salween river. The Thai headline says, “Myanmar troops fire at Thai cargo boat.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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