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Small boy accidently shoots, kills himself

A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy accidentally fired a shot while playing with his father’s revolver and died on the spot just before noon today (June 15), Sanook.com reported.

Upon arriving at the house where the Kor (assumed name) tragically died police from Nakhon Ratchasima province’s Thong Song station saw his body on a bed with a .357 revolver and the case on the floor and bullet debris scattered around.

The policemen found out that this family produces drinking water for sale. The boy’s father, Kid (assumed name), was resting in the house when the shot was fired in the bedroom where Kor and his five-year-old brother were playing.

Kid told the police he thinks his son saw the revolver bag hanging at the window so got it down and got the handgun out to play with. However he accidentally shot himself while doing so and this led to his brother getting very frightened.

Kid said he ran to the bedroom upon hearing the gunshot and upon seeing Kor full of blood ran to San, the boy’s grandfather, and told him to take him to the hospital but he had already died. They then called the police.

Police later told the Forensic Science Division officials to collect traces of gunpowder from all three persons at the scene for inspection. However they think Kor liked playing with guns and had previously many times played with this revolver only this time he accidentally shot himself.


Top: Police and rescuers at the house where the boy died. Photo: Sanook.com


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