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Not the first time – airport moving walkway devoured passenger’s sandal in 2019


AFTER a woman’s left leg was severed till the knee by a moving walkway at Don Mueang Airport early this morning (June 29) it has led to netizens criticising airport safety with one of them mentioning that a similar incident occurred four years ago but fortunately he pulled his foot out of the jammed croc sandal he was wearing which was then devoured by the machine, Sanook.com said.

The unnamed passenger said that on July 30, 2019 upon landing and Don Mueang Airport from Osaka, Japan, at around 3.50 a.m. he was going through a moving walkway and just as he was about to step off it his croc got stuck and was so badly jammed he could not lift his foot.

He decided to pull his foot out of the stuck sandal which was then immediately sucked into the machine.

“Well, I was really shocked. When I came back to my senses I saw that the teeth at the end of the walkway was damaged and that is why my shoe got sucked into the machine.

“After that my sister hurried to get an official to switch off the moving walkway and upon opening it I saw my shoe stuck underneath in a messy condition. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if I pulled my foot out a second later, or was wearing shoes that could not be easily slipped out of, my foot and leg might have got sucked into the machine,” he wrote in his online message.

“After that the official who got my shoe out of the travelator told me to inform the public relations department about what had happened to get the airport to take responsibility.

“When I reached the public relations department I was told to write about the incident in an comment form with this being the only method of complaining,” he said.

He added that Don Mueang Airport only contacted him once after this hair-raising accident with this being through an SMS he received on August 6, 2019 apologising and saying they will check and get back to him again. However he waited till August 27, 2019, almost a month later, and they never did.

“I would like to remind everyone to be careful and look carefully when walking, sometimes mistakes made by others can bring us bad luck,” he said.

However on September 6, 2019 Don Mueang Airport clarified that as a result of an accident on the moving walkway damaged parts had been replaced and the system tested for safety so that it could be open for normal use.

The airport added that staff inspect moving walkways eight times a day to ensure there are problems.

The airport also said that it had installed lights as additional protection for passengers when using the walkways and to be prepared when going through them.


The sandal shredded by Don Mueang Airport’s moving walkway in 2019. Photos: Sanook.com

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