Gen Prayut says foreign tourists have to submit medical certificate

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said today (June 15) that the government is working on setting up travel bubbles in the country and foreign tourists would be required to have a medical certificate and accept this and other rules with those willing to do so to be allowed to travel here, Naewna newspaper reported.

Speaking at the The War Veterans Organization of Thailand Gen Prayut also warned that curfew would be reimposed if teen bikers did not cooperate and stay off the roads. They were back in full force last night the first night of the lifting of the curfew.

The Prime Minister pointed out that he could not let the situation revert back to starting point of coronavirus pandemic and has instructed police to arrest and prosecute these teen racers.

Saying that everyone has to cooperate in keeping Covid-19 infection in check, Gen Prayut also thanked some establishments which had on their own implemented additional measures.

Regarding tourism, he said this is divided into two sectors, local and foreign, and the government is currently working on demarcating tourism areas.

Thais can go to the tourist bubble areas, but these zones, be they primary or secondary cities, have to have measures in place and tourists have to take care of themselves particularly where social distancing is concerned. They must not drift aimlessly and go to a specific place which can be controlled.

This is the way to bring foreign tourists back to the country, that is once in they go to the areas allowed for tourism.

However if problems arise then tourism would have to be halted, he warned.

He added that businessmen are already allowed to come to Thailand but they are required to be quarantined before doing their business.

This is as much as Thailand has initially opened the country and later it is about allowing foreign tourists in but state quarantine and alternative state quarantine would still be required.

He underscored that foreign tourists would be required to have a medical certificates and if they accept this and other rules the door would be opened.

Gen Prayut added that the number of foreign tourists allowed in must be fixed as also the number of flights as well as working out with other countries regarding city-to-city security.


Top: Gen Prayut talking to the Press this morning. Photo: Naewna

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