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Fish dying in badly polluted Central Plain canal

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PART OF A MAJOR canal in a Central Plain area is being critically polluted with blackish, odorous water, killing fish raised in submerged cages.

Authorities are yet to find out about the polluted water which has been allegedly released into a drainage waterway which is connected with Raphiphat canal in Nong Khae district of Saraburi province. Raphiphat canal is the major canal upon which many farmers largely depend.

A large number of Tilapia fish raised in submerged cages in the canal by the villagers of Nong Rong subdistrict have surfaced and died due to lack of oxygen in the blackish, stinking water in Raphiphat canal.

The villagers could no longer use the critically polluted water for consumption and called on Prakit Meeprem, head of Nong Rong subdistrict administrative organization, to promptly address the problem.

The Provincial Waterworks Authority has not as yet run tap water in the affected neighbourhood, which is only a one-hour drive from Bangkok.


Top: Dead fish entrapped in a seagrass mat floating on Choptank river, Maryland, US. A toxic algal bloom is the suspected cause of the fish kill. Photo: Adrian Jones / IAN  (CC BY 2.0)



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