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Doctor in high-speed crash tried to save victim’s life

A DOCTOR who appeared drunk and refused a breath test tried to save the life of a motorcyclist he hit but upon failing to do so, dashed off to his hospital, Sanook.com reported today (Oct. 10, 2020).

The chain reaction collision occurred at 3.45 a.m. on the outbound side of Phaholyothin road in front of Ying Charoen market. A CCTV camera in front of this market showed that a black sedan coming at high speed forcefully hit a big bike in front of it and then slammed into a green pick-up truck pulling out of the market.

This sent all three vehicles bouncing off in different directions. The black sedan spun around several times before flipping over while the rotating pickup truck crashed into a water pipe in front of a bank and got damaged.

The big bike was thrown onto the rear of a parked bronze pick-up truck while the rider was flung on the ground in front of a white sedan, dying on the spot.

Mr. Thanadet, the owner of the white sedan, said the 32-year-old doctor, who emerged from his flipped car with a wound on his left eyebrow  immediately tried to revive the bike rider with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and continued this for a long time, but without success.

He added that the doctor talked as if he was drunk and he could clearly smell alcohol on his breath.

Pol. Lt. Col. Sarawut Butdi, an inspector of the at Bang Khen police station, said the doctor refused to undergo an alcohol breath test at the scene and immediately went to his hospital.

He has sent a letter to the hospital to measure the amount of alcohol in this doctor’s bloodstream and is waiting for the result. Only after receiving this report would he question those involved in this accident.

He added that there is no alcohol checkpoint in this area because of ongoing train extension construction.

The victim’s body has been taken for a funeral service at a temple in Ayutthaya province with his mother saying there has been no contact from anyone at all about her son’s death.


Top: Composite photo shows the doctor giving the victim CPR, right, and his flipped sedan, left. Photo: Sanook.com



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