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Nine prisoners escape from jail in Nakhon Pathom

NINE new prisoners escaped from a temporary prison in Nakhon Pathom province where they are undergoing Covid quarantine in the wee hours of the morning (Dec. 11) and are now being chased by the police and soldiers, TV Channel 7 and Amarin TV said today (Dec. 11).

Upon being notified of the jailbreak at Thung Noi sub-district, Mueang district, at 2.34 a.m. police quickly went to investigate and were told by civilian prison officials that the escapees had used a hacksaw blade to cut the bars at the men’s dormitory and fled.

Latest report said two of the nine escapees had already been captured with police and military officers tracking down the others with the help of CCTV footage taken at the temporary prison.

The nine escapees were identified as follows: 

1) Mr. Watchara Namoman, 28, jailed for assault;

2) Mr. Ekkarat Paengklan, 18, jailed for drug offence;

3) Mr. Weerachet Thepchu, 28, jailed for theft;

4) Mr. Nattakorn Matwangsaeng, 24, jailed for robbery;

5) Mr. Paitoon Meeklongbeng, 36, jailed for drug offence;

6) Mr. Bamrung Wongsawang, 43, jailed for drug offence;

7) Mr. Patcharawut Moonthongsong, 38, jailed for drug offence;

8) Mr. Chamroon Klaisuban, 33, jailed for drug offence;

9) Mr. Panich Buasorn, 35, jailed for drug offence.


Top: Some of the prisoners after they broke out of prison. The Thai headline says, “Prisoners escape from jail in Nakhon Pathom Photo: TV Channel 7

Home Page: Chain link prison fence. Photo: http://www.JobsForFelonsHub.com (CC BY 2.0)


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