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Motorcyclist dies in road crash 3 days after cremating wife

A MOTORCYCLIST was killed in Phatthalung city today (March 19) just three days after the completion of his wife’s funeral after being hit by a sedan driven by a police officer, TV Channel 7 said.

A police team from Mueang Phatthalung station together with rescuers rushed to the scene of the accident where they found the body of Mr. Plueng Rongpol, 76, who had been riding a Phatthalung registered motorcycle, lying dead on the middle of Phatthalung-Prang Moo road with his overturned motorcycle nearby.

A little distance away was parked a Mercedes Benz sedan driven by Pol. Col. Panyawat Phetchum, the head of Na Khayat police station in the same province, who was waiting to give evidence.

The police officer said he was driving from his home to the city to run errands and when he reached the spot of the accident the deceased motorcyclist rode out of an alley. He blared the horn to avoid a collision but the deceased man rode on. He then snapped to the right to avoid hitting him but because of the close distance and the road being curvy slammed hard onto the motorbike.

The dead motorcyclist was wearing a helmet but had not strapped it on causing it to fall off. With the impact his body bounced off the windshield before  hitting the road leading to his death.

Upon hearing of her father’s death his daughter rushed to the spot of the accident and wept in deep sorrow. 

She told the news team in tears that “the family just finished cremating mother three days ago and today father is dead. Now we have no one left.”


Top and Home Page: Plueng’s daughter weeping and praying next to his dead body. Thai headline says, “Paying respects to her dad’s lifeless body.” Photo: TV Channel 7


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