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Police ready to handle REDEM’s demonstration tomorrow

METROPOLITAN Police has arranged 22 companies of crowd control police to handle a demonstration that the REDEM (Restart Democracy) group has called at Sanam Luang from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. tomorrow (March 20), Thai Rath newspaper said this afternoon.

Pol. Lt .Gen. Phukphong Phongpetra, head of the Metropolitan Police, together with other senior police officers warned the demonstrators that they are breaking the law in arranging this gathering which was announced via various social media channels.

It is the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) that is in charge of Sanam Luang and an announcement has been issued banning rallies there.

Moreover students will also be undergoing examinations at various places tomorrow. 

Despite this police will take care of the situation and make sure it is very orderly, he said.

Pol. Lt .Gen. Phukphong added that he had heard there will not be any violence at this rally and if important places are not affected it would not be necessary to put up barriers and obstacles.


Top: A company of crowd control police at a recent demonstration.

Home Page: Pol. Lt .Gen. Phukphong briefing the press about preparations for tomorrow rally. Photos: Thai Rath



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