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Woman and grandson die hugging each other in house fire

A WOMAN and her grandson hugged each other as they were burnt to death when their wooden house within a school compound in adjacent Pathum Thani province caught fire this morning (June 7), Sanook.com reported.

At 10 a.m. Pol Col Kachorn Chatrakaew, deputy inspector at Pathum Thani city station, rushed to Bang Dua Temple School where the two-storey wooden teacher’s house had caught fire and also sent in 10 fire engines to fight the blaze.

It took firemen 30 minutes to put out the violent fire which completely gutted the house and two rooms at the school. Even after that they had to continue spraying water to ensure it did not reignite.

They later found the bodies of Mrs Chintana, 51, and her eight-year-old grandson hugging each other as they died in the flames.

The victim’s son, Mr Phathiya, 25, said when the fire broke out he was on the ground floor with his mother and his sister’s son resting upstairs. He got a call from her and she only said “help” and then the line got cut off.

He rushed upstairs thinking some centipedes may have invaded the room but instead saw the fire burning violently.

Mr Prayat, 52, the deceased woman’s husband, told police he was not home when the house caught fire and that he worked as the school’s janitor and also sold food at the canteen.

He was not initially able to estimate the damage that had occurred.


The wooden house ablaze and the charred remains after it was put out. Photos: Sanook.com


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