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Premium durian growers use barcode to fend off ‘fakes’

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

DURIAN GROWN IN a certain village in the inland part of the seaside Hua Hin district will specifically bear a barcode sticker on the fruit to distinguish itself from all other durian in Thailand.

Chief district officer of Hua Hin Prayong Chanthateng confirmed today (June 8) all Pala-U durian, named after the producing village, will bear a barcode sticker on the fruit for a buyer to notice and not confuse it with others which may have been grown anywhere else.

The barcode, containing factual data about the fruit, is the villagers’ savvy response to certain wheeler dealers who may have falsely proclaimed the durian they are distributing comes all the way from Pala-U, which is not only familiar to jungle trekkers as the name of a waterfall but that of the village and its durian, Prayong commented.

According to the chief district officer, the ”fake” durian would not taste as good as the authentic one. Besides, the ”fake” fruit might even sell for a higher price only to ruin the genuine one’s reputation, he said.

About 50 durian growers of Pala-U village are currently harvesting and will put barcode stickers on the fruit to assure its authenticity.

Those who might be alleged of distributing ”fake” durian are punishable by law to a maximum of three years in jail or a maximum of 6,000 baht in fine or both.


Top: A barcode painted on the road. Photo: Glasseyes view (CC BY-SA 2.0)



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