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Siam Paragon closes Paragon Cineplex for 3 days after slip-up

IN a display of extreme caution the operators of Siam Paragon shopping centre shut down the cinema within the complex for three days starting today (June 7) to give Major Group time to improve implementation of social distancing and other regulatory measures, PostToday reported.

The shutdown was ordered after tenants renting the space in front of the cinema had used it inappropriately with social distancing flouted last Friday June 5 and no control imposed in accordance to the safety standards the mall had set.

After being informed of what happened Siam Paragon management checked with the tenant, Major Cineplex, to verify the truth and they apologized for what happened.

Siam Paragon added that it intends to fully comply with the government’s coronavirus measures for the safety of its customers. The mall’s own measures had been accepted by all parties for over three weeks now and it intends to very strictly implement them.


Top: A moviegoer entering the hall recently. Thai headline says. “Siam Paragon shuts movie hall for three days.” Photo: PostToday



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