Local news

Police raid Indian casino at Pattaya hotel amid claims of a big bribe being paid

  SCORES of Indian gamblers were rounded up in a raid on a well-known Pattaya hotel soon after midnight (May 1) with a conference hall having been turned into a casino and over 200 million baht found in circulation while the tour operator claimed to have paid 2.4 million baht bribe, Amarin TV said. Pol.

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Real estate

Indian, Chinese investors buying pubs, restaurants in Pattaya

  WHILE many foreigners are investing in Chonburi province, Indian and Chinese investors have channelled the most funds in buying up businesses in Pattaya to cater to their countryfolk holidaying at this seaside tourist city, Matichon newspaper quoted business people in this province as saying today (Feb. 27). Indian investors bought up pubs and restaurants

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