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Pita: Move Forward aiming for 300 seats in next general election


MOVE FORWARD’S former leader Pita Limjaroenrat who now is advisory chairman to new party leader Chaithawat Tulathon gave a rousing speech to the rank and file this evening (Sep. 24) where he set a goal of getting 300 MP seats in the next general election, Amarin TV said.

The large crowd of Move Forward Party members who had gathered at a stadium within  Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Centre in Din Daeng, were also urged to love Chaithawat as much as they did him.

“Throughout the three years and 185 days of our journey, which I will never forget, I am proud  of what we achieved everyday.

“What we did together is light a fire in the wind, starting a fire when it’s windy can be difficult, but together we succeeded, don’t let it go out completely.

“Regardless of whether your hopes were fulfilled or dashed, as the fire has been lit amid the wind, don’t let it go out. Wait a while and when I return I will definitely add to that fire,” he said.

Pita added that the Future Forward Party, then led by Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and dissolved by court after which practically turned into Move Forward Party, had got 80 seats in the 2019 election but this then dwindled to 50 seats.

However with him as the helm Move Forward surged in the May 14 election to sweep 151 MP seats out of 500 at stake.

For the next general election in four years’ time Pita has set a goal of getting 300 seats.

Pita also mentioned that Move Forward is ready to compete in all election arenas with four taking place in the country over the next four years with the first one being for members of Provincial Administrative Organization, the second municipality, the third Bangkok governor and finally the general election.

He also set a goal of increasing Move Forward membership, currently around 80,000 people, by 10,000 every month and in the new year turn the party into the biggest force in Thai politics.


Pita Limjaroenrat at Move Forward’s meeting this evening. Photos: Matichon

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