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Distraught foreigner in multi-vehicle crash in Chonburi


A DISTRAUGHT foreign man who drove his sedan into a shop at Mueang Chonburi district, after trying to stop the traffic there drove off and hit three vehicles and a motorcycle injuring several people including himself who was rescued after his car overturned, Amarin TV said today (Sep. 8).

The unidentified foreigner had taken his shirt off after ramming into the shop and walked up and down the middle of the road blocking the traffic and waving the vehicles to park by the road.

When one motorcyclist refused to do so, he tried to jump and kick him but he managed to escape.

Later the still agitated foreigner drove off in his sedan and after a distance of a kilometre at Ban Suan municipality, Ban Suan subdistrict, crashed into three vehicles and a motorcycle injuring several people including a small child.

His sedan then overturned and as the foreign driver was stuck in there, rescuers from  Thamrasamimaneerat Foundation used cutting tools to free him. As he was seriously injured he was quickly sent to Chonburi Hospital.

After a police team had inspected the scene of the two crashes and taken photos, Pol. Col. Suparerk Yuprai, the superintendent of Mueang Chonburi police station, said police were investigating what caused the foreign driver to go into a frenzy and cause the multi-vehicle crash after hitting a shop.

He asked for time to investigate as a detailed blood test has to be performed to  find out if he was intoxicated.

However he has already been charged with careless driving leading to other people being injured and their property damaged.


Top and Front Page: Scenes from the multi-vehicle crash in Chonburi.

Below: The unidentified foreign man trying to kick a motorcyclist who had refused to stop. All photos: Amarin TV

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