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Swedish man dies in crash just 5 days after meeting Thai girlfriend


A ROMANCE between a Swedish man and a Thai woman that bloomed on social media for two years and culminated in their getting together in Thailand just five days ago ended in tragedy when he died in a motorcycle accident today (Jan. 28), TV Channel 7 said.

At 2.30 p.m. Pol. Lt. Tharathip Wijarn, deputy inspector at Suvarnabhumi police station in Roi Et province, together Suvarnabhumi Hospital duty doctor and rescuers rushed to the spot on Suvarnabhumi-Ban Dong Mai road where the Swedish man, only identified at Mr. Steefan, 50, had died.

It appears that the Swede had lost control of the motorcycle at a curve then fell into a roadside ditch and hit a concrete pipe leading to his neck breaking and dying on the spot.

Residents in the area said no one saw the accident and only heard the motorcycle zooming through then a loud sound of a crash and many of them then rushed to see what had happened.

At the scene of the accident was also the deceased man’s Thai girlfriend, Ms. Veeranuch, 27, who was grief-stricken and sobbing continuously. 

She related that they had got acquainted on social media around two years ago and chatted all the time. Steefan then took leave from work and flew to Thailand and they met for the first time five days ago. They decided to live together and she introduced him to her relatives.

Just before the accident they had just finished having lunch and Steefan said he was going for a ride to take some photos of this area and she urged him to do so carefully.

A little later she heard that he had died around six kilometres from her village.

Police said the accident likely occurred because he was going fast on his motorcycle in an unfamiliar area and lost control at the curve. His body was taken for an autopsy with legal procedures to be followed after that.


The spot where the Swedish man died this afternoon. Photo: TV Channel 7

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