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Power worker who shrugged off wife’s hunch electrocuted to death


THE WIFE of an employee of the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) wept when told that her husband had died upon being electrocuted while repairing a power pole in Chainat province especially since she had a hunch of danger and had urged him to take a day off but he refused to do so, Matichon newspaper said this afternoon (June 12).

Colleagues who accompanied Mr. Ek Phaesangthong, 27, said he was holding a 220-volt live wire with a pair of pliers in a transformer box on top of a five-metre-high pole when he got shocked to death.

They quickly brought him down to give him first aid but were not able to save his life.

Mr. Somchoeng Leeluedet, PEA’s manager in Chainat, said Ek had an annual work contract with this being his second year of employment. He was assigned to repair the transformer at Tha Chai subdistrict, Mueang Chai Nat district, and while doing so his ungloved hand touched the live wire leading to electrocution.

PEA will be taking care of the deceased employee’s family according to regulations.

Ek’s wife Ms. Fon said she had premonition of danger and urged her husband to take a day off and stay home but he refused to comply saying he had a responsibility to carry out his job.

She had pleaded several times that he not go to work today but he did so anyway and after a few hours she was informed that he had died while on duty.


The spot where the Provincial Electricity Authority employee was electrocuted to death cordoned off.

The power pole where he died. Both photos: Matichon

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