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Bought cyanide to kill dangerous animals?


BOTH well-known actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice. and her mother Mrs. Bang-On Pongthananikorn have admitted to ordering cyanide online with this coming from the same batch serial killings suspect Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn, or Am, had got her bottle while a veterinarian pointed out that it is dangerous using this lethal poison to kill poisonous animals and he has never seen anyone do so, Sanook.com and MNG Online said today (May 6).

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn, nicknamed Big Joke, has said that a young actress who he did not identify would be called in for questioning on Monday (May 8).

Sararat has been linked to 14 cyanide killings with one victim having survived while her former husband, Pol. Lt. Col. Witoon Rangsiwutthaphon, with whom she continued living after their divorce,  has been charged with accepting stolen goods, forging documents and using forged documents.

Preechaya admitted in a TV Channel 8 programme that she did purchase cyanide from the Internet to kill monitor lizards that had killed her dogs, MNG Online said.

She added that she only bought one bottle of the lethal poison and not a tonne has been claimed and has not even unpacked it.

She also said that she is willing to give the police all the information.

Meanwhile her mother Bang-On too admitted that her daughter had bought cyanide by ordering online on April 25 and receiving it on April 27.

Their house is a corner plot and is subsiding with monitor lizards, cobras, pythons and centipedes coming in and attacking their pets and vandalising their belongings, she said, adding that they had tried many ways to solve this problem without success.

A payment of over 3,000 baht was made for the cyanide which has not been unpacked, she added, also mentioning she had submitted all the evidence to Bang Khen police station.

She also revealed that Preechaya is currently recovering from Covid-19 infection and on the appointed day has work to do so the interrogation might be postponed.

Meanwhile Facebook page, Dao Paed Chak (eight-pointed star), quoted a veterinarian, who asked to not be identified, as giving the following information about using cyanide to kill poisonous reptiles:

– Ever saw cyanide being used to kill poisonous animals?

– When I was studying at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine a professor brought cyanide for insect taxidermy. The insects were knocked out upon inhaling cyanide and the students then studied their structure;

– The students had to wear protective gear, including robes, rubber gloves and an antitoxin mask before the experiment because just inhaling cyanide can be dangerous depending on the amount taken in. After the experiment the students were instructed on how to clean up to avoid contamination;

– Cyanide and rat poison are not the same;

– If you add cyanide to food to kill animals it can be dangerous for you if you are not well protected;

– Mixing it with food can also be dangerous for other animals that are not poisonous. Moreover this type of toxin will remain for a long time depending on the quantity and environmental factors;

– No one uses cyanide to kill poisonous animals because it is a dangerous substance. There are many other methods to eliminate them such as using sulphur and other chemicals.


Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice. Both photos: Sanook.com

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