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Potassium cyanide in 3 tea bags found in suspect’s car: Academic


AN ACADEMIC at Kasetsart University’s Chemistry Department said this morning (May 3) forensic examination had found potassium cyanide, a compound with the formula KCN, in three sachets that look like tea bags found in a sedan driven by Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn, or Am, a suspect in the cyanide killing of 14 victims, with one having survived, Sanook.com and TV Channel 7 said.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerachai Phutthawong, or Ajarn Aod, said the three bags were sent by Ban Pong police, Ratchaburi province, who are investigating the death of Ms. Siriporn Khanwong, or Koi, 33, during the Songkran festival.

They were found in Sararat’s sedan, registered in Nakhon Pathom with licence plate number Kor Tor 9532, that she drove to pick up Siriporn then took her to make merit at a pier where she suddenly died.

An examination by Ion Chromatography (IC) technique found 15 mg of potassium cyanide per sachet, which is enough to kill within 6-10 minutes, he said.

Examination of almost 400 pieces of evidence sent by the police will be completed on Friday. Cyanide has been found in some samples and if there are any doubts about some of the results these samples will be double-checked with better equipment, he added.


Top: The suspect Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn’s sedan and a tea bag filled with potassium cyanide. Photo: Sanook.com

Front Page: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerachai Phutthawong with an image of the suspect Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn and her sedan in the background. Credit: TV Channel 7

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