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‘Big Joke’: 13th cyanide poisoning victim found


DEPUTY National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn said this evening (Apr. 27) that the total number of cyanide killings believed linked to the Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn, or Am, had now risen 13 with the latest victim being an Immigration police officer’s wife, Thai Rath newspaper said.

Pol.Snr.Sgt.Maj.Nitipon Nuchit, an Immigration officer in Bueng Kan province, told him that  in 2020 the suspect asked to borrow money from his wife Mrs. Sawitree Butsirak and she arranged 150,000 baht for her while he gave 90,000 baht. Not long after that his wife died but initially he did not suspect anything but now that this case has emerged he saw a link.

Pol. Gen. Surachate, nicknamed Big Joke, said only one victim survived the lethal poisoning with these victims all killed to clear debt.

Questioned today was the suspect’s ex-husband who is a police deputy superintendent. Pol. Gen. Surachate although they had divorced they were still living together with the suspect having asked to return. As the suspect is pregnant, a DNA test will be conducted to ascertain the paternity.

Police also questioned an important witness, Mr. Golf, in the death of his boss Mr. Dae, and he confirmed that Sararat killed him over financial problems. She had left a bottle of liquid with Golf and this is being tested to ascertain whether it is cyanide.

Even if the forensic test confirms the substance in the bottle is cyanide and it is the same substance found in the deceased man’s body a second test still has to be conducted and if anyone else is found linked to this case an arrest warrant will immediately be issued, he added.

Regarding Sararat’s claim of being mentally ill, Pol. Gen. Surachate said he has assigned his team members to check her medical treatment history and what stage of illness it is and when it started.

In the search of the suspect’s house yesterday some pills were found and they have already been sent for analysis as to whether they are cyanide or not. A police team is also checking a grocery store which investigation revealed was the place where cyanide was delivered and received.

Police are also searching a grocery store run by the suspect’s sister, who is a trained pharmacist. This was previously a pharmacy but  later converted to sell groceries.

In finding out how the suspect learnt how to use cyanide, her sister has to be questioned first but this should be discovered soon, he added.

The suspect does not have a job or a main source of income having mainly obtained money by operating rotating savings and police are checking her two to three bank accounts to trace the cash flow.


Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn speaking to reporters this evening, April 27, 2023. Photos: Thai Rath

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